Benefits of Article Writing

Article Writing, Publishing and the Benefits to Your Business

As you are living in the world of websites and information technology so as to succeed in the business you are required to have a business or commercial website for your organization. Now after building your website, next thing comes under your mind is the publicity of your website as it attracts large no. of visitors and users which leads to adding of more customers and thus more business. To lead your business, write an article about the products and services which your organization is selling and publish them on the right website or any other appropriate place is important. Publishing the articles on the right blogs, directories and websites is important as to provide good publicity to your products and services, areas or blogs where your articles are uploaded or published plays an important role.

If you want your business website to get noticed, then there are several ways of doing the same but among them article writing and then publishing the same is the most prominent way. As by the same method, if someone search your business organization or site via search engine then your site comes on the top of the search engine results and it also create brand awareness among the no. of people. Overall, writing of articles and uploading or publishing those on the right blogs leave good effect on the business websites.

It is required that every article you write must be different from other articles and then publish the article to the article directory to which it belongs. There are different article directories for every article. Thousands of links generate on your site if different articles about your products and services are continuously written and which leads to the improvement in the search results.

The areas where your articles are getting uploaded or published is also very important as if they are not published on the appropriate or right place, then the purpose of publishing the same gets fail. The areas or blogs where your articles are uploaded or published are websites, blogs, RSS feeds, directories, social bookmarking sites and others.

Blogs or businesses which are offering the same products and services as your business offers, you may connect or join them in the discussions, you may provide some good input, offer good and useful advice which allows you to gain some integrity in your area of expertise or in your working field and you will see that hundreds and thousands of links generate back to your site.

Everyone is having their own subject and to write an article on them on the weekly basis and after few months is the best option which leads your website to crawl up the search engines because each and every article written by you will generate a link on your site.

With all this, there is one more important option which is necessary for you to remember, the links given at the end of your article do not point to the home page of your website, they can point to the other particular web pages in your website and this is known as the deep linking.

For instance, your organization sold clothes for the females, you may have the links point to your home page or to any other internal specific web page in your site such as Skirts, then you may have the option to write an article on the Skirts and generate the link which takes you to the page where your article on Skirts is written.

As E-Commerce rapidly grows and every business organization is selling their products and services online so give the opportunity to the people to learn or gain something from your knowledge as you are expert in your subject, get few forums in the industry to which your organization belongs, talk about this much which leads to offer benefits to you and thus your website.

Responsive designed website

We are listening the term ”Responsive Website” since long. From last two years, people talk about this so much but still today don’t understand its concept in a proper manner. Many people wants to know what is responsive design, is it beneficial, is it costly, what are its limitations and so many questions. It is a topic of max discussion among those people who are either web developers or who are having their own websites. So, not in much detail, here presents a concept in a simple way.

There was a time when people browsing the websites with two or three screen resolutions; however in the last few years, devices using android like tablets and smartphones with 4G or 3G web connection usage is increasing and the web designing industry is looking for a solution for all the multiple screen resolutions. Here responsive design provides solutions for the same.

In the configuration of the products of e-commerce, there are some tools meant for e-commerce software which are specialized in the configuration and among them, responsive design is the most relevant which makes life of web developers easy and more comfortable.

A website is considered as a responsive website when it is designed in such a way that responds to more than one screen sizes. It is quite different from stating a website in pixels. In this design, responsive codes are mentioned in the form of percentages. And by this, website can be accessed on all devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops etc.

In a simple form, a responsive website used one URL and thus having only one website and contain accurately the same content which can be accessed on any device.

Now after understanding the concept and what makes a website design responsive, one must understand that what is the requirement to make your website responsive today.

So, as we all know we are living in a world of smart phone. Usage of internet on the mobile devices and devices using android like tablets, smartphones etc. is increasing day by day. No one has the time to sit on desktop at one place and do net surfing. Everybody wants to be free and independent. So, overall the lifestyle of the people is gradually changing in the context of web browsing which leads to make the web developers think, how their information can be accessed by the users. Everyone wants to explore the sites without considering what devices they are using to access the same. Thus, all these reasons clear this thing that why website should be responsive or why responsive design is important for the websites. The good thing is that they are user friendly and simple and to manage them is also not a tough task.

Next to make the website responsive, most essential, so while developing a responsive design, one must focus on the aspect of flexibility which comes along with product configurations of various websites and responsive design. Flexibility is very important ranges from the grid to the images etc. All your customers are having different needs. For instance, on a software company website, there should be a list of the softwares so that its visitors able to access the same. An intelligent and professional web developer always design the website of their customers, after understanding their needs carefully.

Another important thing, all the responsive websites are required to be optimized so as to increase their speed and this can be done by avoiding unnecessary downloads.

The cost for developing a responsive website is very subjective. It totally depends on your requirements. There are some specifications which a web developer must know before deciding the final cost of the project. Some of them are;

  • Size of the website
  • Timeline of the project
  • Who will provide the content
  • What are the features it required

At the end, I just want to say this is a concept which is still evolving. Advanced devices will launch in the future also and the practices to surf the website will always change. If your website becomes responsive, you will enjoy a same exp on every device. But remember, it is not the solution of all the issues but despite of this, you must have a responsive website now.

Stable and Mature open source photo gallery software


If someone has the hobby of collecting the photos or images or a visual artist then he or she may required web based custom photo gallery on their website. There are several ways of creating the same but it can be hand coded also by using plugins or by using dedicated software meant for gallery or photos. Piwigo earlier was known by the name of PhpWebgallery, is open source software basically designed for photo gallery which can be installed on the website. It can be easily customized as no. of extensions are available for the same at free of cost. It is written in PHP, highly extensible and need MySQL Database.

For any kind of photo gallery, Piwigo offers wide no. of features such as;

  • Uploading of photos-It allows adding the photos through a web form with mobile applications or FTP client software.
  • Different sizes- Photos are available from XXS to XXL, in the 9 sizes and for the devices like smartphones more compatibility is required thus it offers different screen resolutions also.
  • Safety and privacy on the photos- In order to protect the photos as security is essential so that no one can copy the same, it also allows adding a watermark on the automated basis on all the photos.
  • Description of photos with Tag- Tags is also allowed which helps the administrators to describe the photos and visitors to browse the photos either with one tag or multiple tags.
  • Creation of album- Option of albums is also there as photos click on one occasion bound to one album and the other occasion pics bound to other album. So, each photo can be bound to one, two or more album as per your choice. They are hierarchical and very depth.
  • Browse photos by Dates- Piwigo also allows you to display each photo with date, month, year as it knows the date on which photo was actually taken.
  • Plugins and themes- How your photo gallery looks, it depends on the theme you choose; various themes are offered by the project community.
  • Plugins- The capabilities of Piwigo can be expanded via plugins. For instance, Dailymotion, Youtube, Google Maps, Vimeo and many more.
  • Handling of Videos- Videos can be handled in a user friendly way by Piwigo as it makes use of various extensions available at free of cost.
  • Notification System- If there is any change or update then it alerts regarding the same to the users via e-mail, RSS feeds, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin etc. Thus, it notifies the users through their notification system.
  • Restricted accessibility to photos- Everything is in the userhand, thus accessibility to the photos is also in his hand and by which they can restrict the accessibility to the albums and photos by everyone.
  • Description of photos in 54 languages- Piwigo allows you to describe your photo in 54 languages in a single gallery as it is available in the same no. of languages.

There are various methods by which Piwigo can be deployed in a web hosting environment. First users are required to download the latest version of piwigo from its website and further they have two options; first complete archieve will be downloaded by them and then source code will be uploaded to their web hosting environment and second Netinstall can be downloaded first and then upload the same to their hosting environment which leads to the download of full archieve automatically.

Piwigo can be installed on Linux/ GNU distributions via APT Packages system. Installation of the Piwigo on automated basis is offered by various shared web hosting services via their control panel. For instance, Piwigo can be installed via Softaculous and Simplescripts.

Even a Piwigo gallery can be deployed online without installing Pwigio on their web server with the help of hosting services like

              Now after reading so many things about Piwigo and now as your interest has created a lot in the same, so I think now you want to know the name of the companies which offer Piwigo hosting services so some are here for you;

BlueHost, it is considered as the best hosting provider offering Piwigo hosting services. At present, the company offers MySQL 5.5. And PHP 5.4 in order to provide complete support to the Piwigo 2.5.3

TMDHosting offers Piwigo hosting packages and install the same quickly in just less than 10 min. They also upgrade your Piwigo websites without any extra cost.

Hexahost offers all their hosting packages with Piwigo enabled. Their one click script installer enables the Piwigo.

The others are Inmotion hosting, Arvixe, A2 Hosting etc.

At the end, the photo gallery on your websites can become more artistic and innovative if your hosting provider offers you the great Piwigo hosting services. So, if you don’t get it yet, then what are you waiting for, ask them..and enjoy your gallery.

ICANN Domain Protection Certificate Scam

The online world was jilted once again by yet another scam which was brought to light by a news that reached the subscribers of ICANN newsletter on 15th of July 2014.

This scam involves an unknown online entity which is forcing and pressurizing owners of top level domains (TLDs) to buy a certificate that they are posing to be very essential for its domain’s security. Actually it is a worthless fake document which will guarantee nothing other than your money going into fraudster’s pocket. Going a step further this document also has un authorized use of ICANN logo. ICANN in its recent news alert clarified that it has nothing to do with this kind of a certificate and that this should be treated as a scam.

It appears that the target for this spurious certificate are TLD owners, like .com or .net or .org. They are being wrongfully approached online by fraudsters under the name of ICANN and are being made to believe that if they do not buy this certification, it will definitely harm their domains.

ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit organization that is committed to the vision of “one world, one internet”. Its mission is primarily ensuring the stability and security of the internet worldwide. ICANN has officially declared that it does not sell any such certificates or does not charge any fees from the registrants. It also requests that anybody who faces a similar situation should contact them via an email at

It is advised to all domain owners to beware of this scam and also if anyone wants go ahead with the purchase of a domain name then it should be done legally from a registrar who is registered with ICANN (a complete list of approved registrars is available on their website).

Be alert and stay safe!